California’s Robert Vickers of The Incredible Vickers Brothers is truly a man for all seasons. Having dabbled in just about every aspect of the music world over the yearsand dealing with midlife crisis, he’s come around to putting out his own music that he wrote over the years. The result of years of musical sojourning is The Incredible Vickers Brothers. The latest single, “In Memory”, is off the album Torch Songs for Swingers, which is produced by Allen Clapp. The song oozes bittersweet nostalgia, acknowledging the past and learning how to cope with what is to come. Laced with smooth saxophone and dreamy guitar, “In Memory” pays tribute to heartache in an honest, mature, and beautiful way. If you’re looking to be entertained musically while still wanting to hear a specific message, “In Memory” is the track for you. It’s the perfect song if you’re in your feels on Valentine’s Day. Fun fact: “In Memory” even features a vintage 1978 drum machine for all you retro aficionados out there.

Keep an eye out for “In Memory”, off Torch Songs for Swingers, out March 9th via Mystery Lawn Music.

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Veronica DeFeo