New York’s collective The Howlin’ Souls – comprised of Pete Smith, Scott Sepe, Robbie Sokolowsky, and Nate Lang – may find their inspiration in the likes of blues greats and legends like Petty and Dylan, but their sound is truly their own when you boil it all down. In their latest track “Viva La Revolucion (again)”, the hard hitting drums and sharp, whirring electric guitar serve as evidence of this, as Smith’s vocals almost strain to be heard over the blaring instrumentals. While they call for a revolution politically and socially – as a large majority of us are at this point – The Howlin’ Souls simultaneously beg for your energy, without ever having to beg at all.

Go forth, and spread the revolution.

“Viva La Revolucion (again)” is available now. Keep up with The Howlin’ Souls here.

Meredith Schneider