Garage rock/power pop collective The Hell Yeah Babies – comprised of Mike Pfeiffer, Julian Ames, Dylan Roth, and Sam Paxton – might call Astoria, New York home, but we’re thinking that just might change if they continue in the direction they’ve been going. Their first release was just last year, and they’ve already developed

We always talk about how songs make us feel like we’re a part of New York City nightlife, but “Grenadine Nosebleeds” was actually written about New York City nightlife. While the band croons “I don’t wanna go home,” we get lost in surf-like guitar riffs that somehow – mysteriously – make us feel like we’re dancing around the city in the summertime. Which is quite a departure from the cold, winter vibes we’ve been tripping all over as of late. It’s got this anthemic feel to it, and by the end of it you feel like you’re claiming your own dance territory in the face of opposition.

Aggressive, beautiful, fun.

“Grenadine Nosebleeds” is out now. Keep up with The Hell Yeah Babies here.

Meredith Schneider