The Head and The Heart have announced their new album Living Mirage will be out May 17th, and leading up to this release that have debuted a new track titled “Missed Connection”. Containing a smooth bass line, heavenly vocals and harmonies, “Missed Connection” holds a little bit of a different sound from the rest of what The Head and The Heart has had to offer, according to drummer Tyler Williams. “A lot of the beats on that song are quicker, and there are high hats that were never in our music before”.

With that being said, “Missed Connection” still has that feel that we have grown accustomed to experiencing from TheHead and The Heart. This means a perfect combination of alternative, pop, and indie-folk, creating another hit for the six musicians. This upcoming album suggests that this will beThe Head and The Heart’s best work to date. Member Jon Russell has stated proudly that, “this is literally the most work we’ve ever done on an album,” and it definitely shows in “Missed Connection”. Let’s hope for more of the same when “Living Mirage” releases on May 17th.

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Ian Schneider