Breaking out of the mold and into the limelight that is so highly sought after is fresh new band The Hails. Over the past few months, Robbie Kingsley (lead vocals), Dylan McCue (guitar), Franco Colari (vocals and guitar), Andre Escobar (base) and Zach Levy (drums) have taken their raw talent and turned it into a new single that has now reached over 150 thousand fans in less than one month. Their latest single, “Younger,” alone has created a name for this young group in the music industry that is not soon to be forgotten.

Since the release, streaming stats have flown through the roof which landed them the #1 spot on Hype Machine over the past few days. This hot new single has won over the hearts of fans and critics alike with its alternative rock rhythms and 70’s groove throwback vibes. Not only do they put a fresh twist on a classic sound that has been loved for decades, but they are also able to add their own unique flare that has set them apart from the rest of the alt rock community. Another stunning aspect of The Hails is their high levels of confidence in their live performances that blows fans away and far surpasses their competitors. No doubt this is a group to keep an eye on as they continually grow and fill the expectations that they have set for themselves.

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Madison Blom