Santa-Barbara based power rock group The DTease has what it takes to make their way up the carts alongside with some of the greatest names in the industry. Their newest release in preparation to their album release April 20, is proof that their future is bright. “Slapshot” is as engaging as it is entertaining which is exactly the effect that this group was going for while they were creating it. In the very foundations of the production of this track The DTease wanted to deliver what they call, “much needed CPR,” into today’s music scene. No doubt, they have struck gold. This new release is unlike most of the music that has been released in the past ten years let alone since the turn of the century. There is so much energy in the recording of “Slapshot,” that it is sure to have the fans begging for an on-stage performance that is sure to bring the house down.

Notably, this band has the unique ability to remain solidly embedded in the rock genre without the heavy darkness that occasionally seems to creep into the tracks of other artists. Overall, there is a clean, well written vibe to this group that will bring them to where they want to be in the music world as well as in their careers as performers.

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Madison Blom