Mondays are amazing… when there’s something new to premiere. Which is great, since the third single off of musical project The Black Watch‘s now has a stunning visual to accompany it, and we have your exclusive first look. The brainchild of John Andrew Fredrick, The Black Watch has utilized nostalgic footage to bring a laid back, summertime vibe to the leisurely and robust track. It’s something we’re all bound to want to feel every now and again.

Explains Fredrick of the track:

I was on a beach camping holiday with my English friends, a band called Damn Vandals, and Nev, their frontman, lent me his adorable son Stan.  We guerilla’d our  way into a Motel 6 and shot this video with me Charlie Chaplining to ‘When We First Met’.  You should have seen Stan’s eyes when Nev told him he was to push me into the pool!  Someone paying him in ice cream to nudge a fully-dressed grown-up into the deep end?!  Ace!  I was reading Shelley (I’m often re-reading Shelley) at the time so we used a copy of that for the switcharoo.  I don’t love making videos by any stretch, but Stan’s overall glee and infectious laugh made it quite fun.

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Meredith Schneider