Los Angeles’ the black watch has just released, “Oh You Little Witch!”, the second single off their upcoming EP The Paper Boats. The prolific four-piece is made of vocalist/guitarist John Andrew Fredrick, Rick Woodard on drums, Chris Rackard on bass; and lead guitarist Tyson Cornell. They’ve put out over 17 CDs over the past quarter of a century, and have clearly honed their sound while maintaining flexibility. “Oh You Little Witch!” displays the black watch’s ability to put out an authentic track that also moves into a new sound. This new track continues in The Black Watch’s fantastic psychedelic pop tradition.

John Andrew Fredrick says of the track:

“This song’s all in good fun. No harm, no foul. I’m convinced that one of the overarching themes of my life has to do with Jean Renoir’s epigraph for what I consider to be one of the greatest films of all time – ‘The Rules of the Game.’ Renoir says: ‘The tragic thing about life is everyone has their reasons.’ I often metaphorically enter into other people’s consciousnesses, trying to imagine what it’s like to be them. But at some point one stops doing that when a former lover, say, becomes a ghost of sorts. Then, as the song declares, ‘I never wonder what it’s like to be you.’ There’s no specific ghost, mind you. But they’re everywhere, aren’t they? You look at someone and go ‘Someone somewhere used to be so interested in that person – and now they never hardly ever pay them any never mind!'”

“Oh You Little Witch!” is just what you need to hear today, so check it out!

Watch for The Paper Boats, set for release on April 27. Stay connected with the band:
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Veronica DeFeo