Breaking into the new year with a new single that is sure to get her name heard by thousands of new listeners is LA based artist, Tessa Rae and her first single of the year entitled, “Downtown.” Not only does this song have a deep meaning to the artist herself, but it is sure to touch the hearts of fans around the world with its generally universal message. In her own words, Rae stated, “‘Downtown’ is a story about loss and dealing with its aftermath…I lost my best friend and someone who I felt was a soulmate to me in this world. The song is kind of an outward expression of the shoulda-woulda-coulda games we all play with ourselves when we lose someone we love. Initially In.Drip. was only going to produce the song, but the first version he sent me was with my verse followed by his hook and it honestly blew me away. I loved it and asked if he’d be on the track.”

Just as was indicated in the statement, this song was built to embody the pain that one feels when they experience loss — a sentiment that is felt within each individual, painstaking beat. As the song begins, ears are immediately met by Tessa Rae’s fantastic vocal skill meshed with a tenderness that is indescribable. Not only is this a talent that is hard to come by, but it also has a unique way of fluctuating with the instrumental component that stabilizes the track. Throughout the entire track, fans also have the pleasure of  experiencing the raw power behind the lyrics that hold so much meaning through the minimalistic soundscape. Without a doubt, there is much in store in the coming years for this incredibly talented young artist.

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Madison Blom