From their heartbreaks and hard times, Tenderfoot has brought together the best of their sound to produce their newest album BreakApart. This new and upcoming band has brought out the best of the dream folk genre. Their new album, which is going to be released February 2, 2018, features memorizing drum loops and dreamy vocals that makes their music relatable and entertaining.

Tenderfoot’s roots are founded deep in trial, but they have since emerged at the peak of a potentially very successful career in the music community. What started as a solo project on the road has turned into a group of four who are dedicated to creating music that holds a sound unique to the group. After the traveling on the road Adam Kendall Woods (lead singer) recruited Jude Miqueli (drums), Gabriel Molinaro (keys), and Darcey Zoller (strings) and together they have found success in one of the fastest growing genres in the industry.

Not only does their newest album incorporate some of the latest musical techniques, but they also highlight some of the greatest personal triumphs and struggles-rendering their music highly relatable. However, their music is not all doom and gloom. Along with the heartbreak, the lyrics also bring out the beauty of creative progression as well as coming together with loved ones to find joy. Some of these topics include heartbreak, struggling in relationships and health scares. With the addition of three new members, the lush dynamic of a full band enhances their sound and elevates their credibility. After spending two years on this new album, fans are eagerly awaiting the release ofBreak Apart. 

Fans and listeners of the folk genre will fall in love with this band’s appreciation for traditional sound with the incorporation of new and innovative lyric and rhythm. This is a band that came together for one purpose, to turn life’s hardest struggles into music that is highway, head banging worthy.

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Madison Blom