You know when you hear a song and it just kind of stays with you? Whether it’s the lyrical content, the instrumentals, the brooding lead singer’s voice… any aspect of it just seems to belong to you and feel right with you? Well, THAT’S how we feel about Teen Vice‘s track “How Does It Feel?”, just in case you’re asking that question. THAT’S why we want you to hear it.

Based in Brooklyn, Teen Vice – comprised of Josh Ackley, May Dantas, Derek Pippin, and Tammy Hart – is spreading their post-punk/grunge sound steadily across the musical landscape. “How Does It Feel?” is no different, though it is one that sits at a way milder tempo than the majority. Jumping out at us from Teen Vice’s latest 11-track release Saddest Summer, there is actually quite a bit of true longing woven into the lyrics. Admits Tammy:

“How Does it Feel?” was inspired from a real life longing. I wrote the song while laid up in my bedroom with a broken leg, drunk and pining for someone who wasn’t mine. It was painful. It was hopeless. That person is now my wife.
Musically I wanted to challenge myself to write that ultimate mixtape love song. The one you put on the tape that is your passive aggressive way of telling that person that you are in love with them. That song for me was always The Breeders “Do You Love Me Now?” I wanted to write a song that good.

Saddest Summer is available now. Keep up with Teen Vice here.

Meredith Schneider