Breaking out with his first ever full length album full of energizing anthems and inspiring lyrical loops, is Nashville native Taylor Cole (Chalaxy, Creature Comfort) and his music project Tayls. The self entitled album, Tayls is his greeting to a wider demographic of fans who he hopes to inspire with his commitment to insane fun and beautiful art. Although this indie project has gathered a great following since the very first single, this new release is surely going to push his popularity over the edge as he dives even deeper into the sound profile that he has created for himself. From a humble start to his current standing at the top of thousands of fan playlists, Tayls has created a movement composed of self-empowering music that is both easy to listen to and incredibly intricate.

The instrumental talent that is demonstrated captures the attention of listeners instantly. Coupled with the intense and pumped-up vocals that match the mood set by the music, Tayls can do no wrong as his lyrics pack a “powerful punch” of exciting empowerment to the individual. Known for overenthusiastic live performances, it is clear that Tayls was able to focus the same energy into the recording sessions. Although fans won’t be able to experience all of the lights, dance moves, drag queens and giant swan dives that have become essential elements of the live performance, the music on this album speaks for itself.

Layered with subtle scream vocals, there is no doubt that this album is going to pull in fans of The Flaming Lips, Bright Eyes and everything in between. As this project continues to deepen its understanding of its unique sound, Tayls is sure to pick up fans throughout the world who are inspired by the out of the box lyrics and fast paced rhythms.

Tayls is available now. Keep up with the project here.

Madison Blom