Since the release of the Shapeshifter I: Construct EP from TAUK, there has been a huge amount of hype surrounding this wildly popular release. The buzz from their latest release, however, will continue to garner success and spread throughout the country in the coming months as they advertise the new release on several stages. Most recently, TAUK released a live video of their hit track, “Malware,” which was expertly performed by everyone involved which resulted in a visual spectacle that is both unique and completely captivating. As neon light flash and flicker throughout the entirety of the recording, fans hang on each beat and movement of this incredible performance. In this recording of the live show in Minneapolis, featuring PHO band members Lukas Skrove on trumpet and Aaron Levin on sax, there seems to be a live tension in the audience that becomes nearly tangible.

One of the greatest aspects of rising electro-pop band, TAUK, is that they have the distinctive ability to take what we all know as electronic music and manipulate it into something that is all their own. Regarding their sound, it is clear and direct as opposed to the muffled style that has seemed to dominate this genre’s releases for the past several years. Undoubtedly, as TAUK continues to perform, the hype will continue to grow and gain them then success that their music deserves.

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Madison Blom