Tancred is excited to release their latest album, Nightstand.  The release of Nightstand follows up on the well praised 2016 album Out of the Garden.  The album rounds out with eleven tracks, the first fittingly titled “Song One.”  It is slow, sweet, and at 1:44 it is all too brief.  Jess Abbott (Tancred) shows off her vulnerability on this track.  “I will not lie to you, these words will be true,” leads the first line of Nightstand.  “Why must she love someone else?” wonders Tancred.  “Apple Tree Girl” has a folk indie vibe to it, with some interesting lyrics.  “Drink my heart out, drink it up,” and “send me a photo, the two of us in the unknown,” make for interesting and almost emo lyrics.

I really enjoy Tancred’s “Underwear”.  The song starts off slow and self-loathing, almost punk.  “I don’t want to fight you, I’m already fighting me…and I’m losing,” sings Jess before the guitar comes in.  The quirky title comes from the electric song line: “Remember when we were in the halls at 5am in our underwear running from ghosts and in my room I was learning that you were soft.” “Rowing” the last track on Nightstand, equally mirrors “Song One” and again shows the artist’s honesty and vulnerability.  “I am crude and sweet in bed, I am gentle in a dress,” sings Tancred.  With a taste of rock and tambourine, tinged with Tancred’s simple vocals, “Rowing” is a series of positive, gentle thoughts.

Nightstand, in one word, is diverse.  It shows Tancred’s ability to navigate through a series of genres and styles, while remaining true as an artist.

Look for Nightstand which will be out June 1st 2018. Keep up with Tancred here.

Abby Trapp