Today, Toronto indie pop four piece Tallies – comprised of Sarah Cogan, Dylan Frankland, Cian O’Neill, and Stephen Pitman – released their highly anticipated 11-track, self-titled stunner. We haven’t been this excited about new music Friday in quite a while, and we’re thrilled to have this album in our back pocket. From the very beginning of first track “Trouble”, there is a palpable energy that urges you to keep spinning. Second track “Mother” is a little more surf pop in its sound, while “Midnight” hits us with a more whimsical appeal. The vintage dance track beat to “Have You” makes the fourth song – slightly slower than its predecessors – something you might find in a 1980’s teen movie.

One will note – regardless of soundscape – that Cogan’s vocals are stand out, drenched in reverb and befitting of the “ethereal” label. While “Not So Proud” has the pace befitting of a leisurely stroll, her vocals absolutely soar, creating more of a ballad effect for the fifth track. “Trains and Snow” feels late 80’s, early 90’s-inspired, and is the first song in the offering that seems to enhance the instrumentals over the vocals. “Eden” carries the same pace, setting the stage perfectly for our hearts to thaw and grow from  “three sizes too small” during “Beat the Heart”. (Seriously, this is our jam.) And while “Giving Up” has a slightly more melancholic feel to it, they end on a high note with both “Rocks” and “Easy Enough”, paving the way for more miracles to come!

Overall, Tallies in its entirety delivers a grandiose soundscape that could easily be found in a nostalgic and well-shot teenage romcom. It’s a gorgeous soundtrack to reminisce to, and we can’t wait to see this act on tour!

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Meredith Schneider

Meredith Schneider

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