the month in music videos | october 2018 pt. 1

the month in music videos | october 2018 pt. 1

The weather has cooled off, the colors of the foliage are gaining warmth, and we can’t honestly decide if we’re more in “sweater weather” mode or “spooky.” So, we gathered our favorite music videos released during the first half of October, and we’re kind of leaving room for you to decide! Check out some new visuals below – featuring music videos from Paul Weller, Enter Shikari, LEON, mona on the radio, Billie Eilish, Larkin Poe, Meg Myers, Weezer, Dev Ray, Kiefer, Paul McCartney, and many more! – and let us know which one is your favorite!

26 favorite music videos of july 2018

26 favorite music videos of july 2018

Well, we’re over the hump of mid-year now, and most of us are probably sweating up a storm in our respective cities and homes. But we’ve been absolutely enamored by an outpouring of new music video material from some really incredible artists over the past month, so we thought we’d share some of our favorites. There’s really no reason or rhyme to it all. Some of these videos even make us yearn for colder weather and ice capped mountains. (But who are we to get ahead of ourselves here on this sweltering day?) So sit back, find a little something to try out, and enjoy!

Eric Hutchinson, “Hands”

Silent Revival, “Just One Voice”

King Princess, “Holy”

Jessie Reyez, “Apple Juice”

The Little Miss, “American Dream”

alt-j, “in cold blood” (ft. pusha t) by twin shadow

Bourgeois Mystics, “Jaan Pehechan Ho”

Dan Koshute, “All the Way Always”

Farao, “Lula Loves You”

Blood Orange, “Charcoal Baby”

Chantitown, “Mother of Sun”

Doe, “Heated”

Louis Cole, “Things”

Object as Subject, “Removal”

Tiny Eyes, “Just Saying”

Seasaw, “Big Dogs”

The Living End, “Don’t Lose It”

Miles Kane, “Cry On My Guitar”

Sofia Reyes, “1, 2, 3 (Official Solo Acoustic)”

Hannah Grace, “Oh River”

Kelsy Karter, “Sad Sad Summer”

Wild Rivers, “I Won’t Be Back”

Erik Deutsch, “Falling Flowers”

Billie Eilish, “You Should See Me in a Crown”

Ace of Wands, “10,000 Feet”

Whyte Horses, “Never Took the Time”

billie eilish @ recordBar

billie eilish @ recordBar

Following a gloomy week in Kansas City, April 4 brought crisp and clear weather – and a sold-out show by L.A.’s Billie Eilish at recordBar in support of her Where’s My Mind tour. Some of her fans waited for hours in the cold for a chance to be close to their favorite artist. Imperfect Fifth writer Veronica DeFeo and photographer Michael Porter were there to capture the one-of-a-kind evening. Killer performances from openers Reo Cragun and DJ Kiero got the night off to a great start. Reo busted his lip open a few songs in, but he didn’t let that stop him from delivering a fantastic set, much to the delight of the energetic crowd.

Following Reo and Kiero’s set, anticipation was evident as the concert-goers started chanting Billie’s name. In a moment of electric delirium only found at the best of shows, the lights went down and drummer Andrew Marshall and Billie’s brother, Finneas O’Connell, came onstage to an electronic sample of “my boy”, dressed in white coveralls and Billie Eilish kerchiefs. The crowd went insane when Billie came on seconds later, starting off the night with her acclaimed single, “bellyache”. Every voice knew every word, evidencing Billie’s deep connection with her fans. Not skipping a beat, Billie led the crowd into her hauntingly beautiful “idontwannabeyouanymore”, showcasing her velvety vocals. Next up was “watch”, immediately followed by “&burn”, which features Vince Staples on her record, dont smile at me. Billie not only flawlessly sang “watch”, but also took on Vince Staples’ verse from “&burn”.

Billie gave the crowd a chance to fill in some vocals on the next song, “Bored” (which was anything but boring). Fans were eager to give Billie their gifts throughout the set, and Billie expressed her love and gratitude for everyone who came multiple times, letting them know that she would not be where she is without them. Taking a more serious and mature tone, Billie performed an older track, “Six Feet Under”, which displayed not only her vocal talent, but also her lyrical skills. Billie introduced her drummer and brother to the crowd before inviting Finneas to perform his slinky, moody track, “New Girl”. As her producer, co-writer, backing vocalist and guitarist, but most importantly, brother, Finneas is always supportive of Billie, as well as having his own career as lead singer of The Slightlys and starring as Alistair on Glee.

Billie took the stage once again, enthralling the crowd with a unique cover of Drake’s hit song, “Hotline Bling” – on ukulele. In her next song, “party favor”, Billie showcased more of her ukulele skills during the fun track, which also features hitting lyrics. Billie next treated the crowd to an unreleased song, asking them all to be in the moment with her. The track that got Billie discovered, “Ocean Eyes”, was up next, and the crowd got a unique, lighthearted rendition as Billie accidentally bumped a fan with her mic; following this, Billie closed out the song on a stunning note. An electric, flawless performance of fan favorite “my boy” finished her regular set, but Billie wasn’t done yet. After raucous shouts for an encore brought her back onstage, Billie delivered with “hostage” before taking a selfie with the crowd and hugging fans. Billie closed out her show with a rocking performance of  “COPYCAT” that did not disappoint. After commanding her fans to get low during the bridge, the crowd went wild with the signal word “sike!”, and the last seconds of the song were unforgettable.

At just sixteen years old, Billie Eilish has accomplished more than many artists dream to at a young age. When she makes up her mind, she gets the job done; despite her youth, Billie knows her craft and how to work a crowd. Her March 4 performance is not one that will be forgotten. Kansas City can’t wait for Billie to come back.

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**photos by Michael Porter

diem, “something to do with LOVE”

diem, “something to do with LOVE”

I am really fascinated by love, it’s no wonder that so many artists including me, need to write about it. Because it can hurt us so much, but also fulfill us to the most. Love comes in every form. It can be bright or dark, it can be inspiring or destructive, it can fuel us with hope or drag us down. These are some of the songs I like to listen to the I’m in the mood for love…

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