bossie, not pictured

bossie, not pictured

Toronto-based musician Bossie is set to release her latest album Not Pictured on April 27th.  Not Pictured covers a wide variety of topics including modern culture, consumerism,  and social media, among others. Bossie sparked public attention when she released her first single “Meteror” in 2015.  Now, with her debut album, we are reminded of that infectious and beautiful sound that we have been falling in love with over the last couple of years. The album places emphasis on the sound of bubblegum pop with Boosie’s amazing, robust vocals.

First tack “Mild At Heart” discusses the mild nature in a relationship.  “Take your headphones off we need to talk” says Bossie.  Pondering the relationship she says, “What if we need to grow up?/Maybe we’re just mild at heart.”  “Mild At Heart” really digs into the frustrations of a relationship.  Bossie sings on falling in and out of love, not moving forward, and not having that “zest” in a relationship.  “Strawberry Moon” shows off the artist’s quirky side.  With the funky beat and electronic sounds, “Strawberry Moon” shows off Bossie’s diverse style.  “Don’t set fire to the strawberry moon,” proclaims Bossie.  What does it mean? Luckily enough, she leaves that up for interpretation.  On “There Will Be Time,”  Bossie takes a stab about the timing in life.  A track about there being a time and place for everything, Bossie is transparent on “There Will Be Time.”  “Yeah there will be time…there will be time to decide,” we hear on “There Will Be Time.” Bossie recognizes that whether it be a relationship, career move, or personal, not everything in life needs an immediate decision.

We are enamored by Bossie’s new album, and KNOW you will be too! Not Pictured is out everywhere April 27th. Keep up with Bossie here.

youth in a roman field, storm conductor, out on 4/20

youth in a roman field, storm conductor, out on 4/20

Storm Conductor is set for release on 4/20. This is the third offering from Youth in a Roman Field. The mastermind behind this project is singer/violinist Claire Wellin with contributions coming from Tiffany Topol, Scott Stangland, Jamie Mohamdein, Cassidy Stirtz, and Katrina Lenk. Some of the tracks have the ability to whisk you away to the hills of rolling green in Ireland like a bar of Irish Spring, making it surprising that Youth in a Roman Field hail from New York.

The album opens up as if an orchestra was warming up before the curtains are drawn. As the melody becomes apparent it’s both adventurous and somewhat melancholic. A gentle operatic influenced woman’s voice calls out beautifully with a few overdubbed layers of alternate pitches that provide great harmony and thicken the sound into full spectrum stereo. “Your hand in mine”, is a short and sweet way to bring a listener in.

Sounding like a veteran jazz singer, Claire’s voice is most definitely the focal point, doing things most instruments just can’t. While there is a lack of a full on drum kit there isn’t a shortage of percussive additives. I’m not talking samples, I’m talking hand claps, unconventional tribal-like drums, and I even swore I heard a finger cymbal. The strings definitely posses a Celtic quality, yet sometimes can be morbidly curious.

The album’s title track “Storm Conductor” pulls away from the direction of the majority of the album. Vocals, strings, unconventional percussion, yes. The overall mood begins with a sick kind of twist. Similar to the way that Stephen King utilizes happy retro songs during a murder scene. There is something in the way she sings “It was an accident” that makes you second guess the innocent.

Finishing out the album is, “When the city goes quiet,” an acapella song with a gentle choir of group backing vocals. Youth in a Roman Field is the kind of music you want to submerge and wrap yourself in. Gentle with the occasional eyebrow lifting quirk.

Tour Dates
April 23 | Los Angeles, CA | Hotel Cafe
April 24 | San Francisco, CA | Hotel Utah
April 25 | San Francisco, CA | SoFar Sounds
April 26 | Prineville, OR | House Concert | Email for Details
May 1 | Seattle, WA | Tim’s Tavern | Tickets @ Door
May 3 | Bismarck, ND | Laughing Sun Brewing | Free
May 5 | Minneapolis, MN | Music @ The Upsidedown House Series
May 7 | Des Moines, IA | Vaudeville Mews | Tickets @ Door
May 8 | Fairfield, IA | Cafe Paradiso
May 9 | Madison, WI | The Wisconsin Room Presents
May 10 | LaCrosse, WI | The Root Note | Free
May 13 | Milwaukee, WI | The Jazz Estate | Tickets @ Door
May 15 | Chicago, IL | Martyr’s*
May 16 | Chicago, IL | The Green Mill Cocktail Hour | Free
May 17 | South Bend, IN | House Concert @ The Bramble | Donation @ Door
May 18 | Lansing, MI | House Concert | Donation @ Door
May 22 | New Haven, CT | Cafe Nine
May 28 | Winston-Salem, NC | The Wherehouse Art Hotel
May 29 | Charlotte, NC | The Evening Muse
May 30 | Athens, GA | The World Famous
June 1 | New Orleans, LA | The Foundation Room @ The House of Blues | Free
June 6 | Nashville, TN | The Back Corner | Tickets @ Door
June 7 | Bluffton, OH | The Town Hall Concert Series
June 25 | NY, NY | Mercury Lounge*| with Behaviorist

Following the 4/20 release of Storm Conductor, you may be able to catch a glimpse of their live show as they head out on the road in support. You can find pre-order and purchase details through the bands’ website or by following them on Facebook.

erika wennerstrom releases debut lp

erika wennerstrom releases debut lp

Today, Erika Wennerstrom’s debut LP Sweet Unknown is unleashed upon the world. The alternative indie artist’s latest album takes us through nine tracks. Sweet Unknown is a melancholy, yet pensive, take at life and love. “Staring Out The Window” tells us of a haunting of a past love. “I didn’t understand what it is that I did,” is a broken heart asking for questions as the track proclaims. “Gravity” is a reflective track on ones self. “Getting to know myself like I’ve never known…I’m ready for whatever life brings to me” screams the track. Fittingly enough, “Gravity” is the last track of Sweet Unknown. It is the acceptance, it is ending- but for the artist, a new beginning. My personal favorite is “Letting Go.” Starting off with “Come with me my friend,” the track feels lighthearted on a heavy album.

Sweet Unknown is definitely personal for Erika Wennerstrom, maybe even healing at time. This album is for you if you want to do some soul searching or simply wallow in your sorrows. I’m sure you can make Sweet Unknown personal to you too. Sweet Unknown is now available via all leading digital service providers and comes with an instant download of the album’s first single, “Extraordinary Love.” The physical copy includes a limited edition version pressed on double white vinyl.

Tour Dates
Mar 23 – Macon, GA – Cox Capitol Theatre**
Mar 24 – Wilmington, NC – Greenfield Lake Amphitheater**
Mar 25 – Norfolk, VA – The NorVA**
Mar 26 – Charlottesville, VA – Jefferson Theater**
Mar 28 – Wilmington, DE – The Queen**
Mar 29 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl**
Mar 30 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl**
Mar 31 – Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer**
April 2 – State College, PA – The State Theatre**
April 3 – Toronto, ONT – The Mod Club**
April 4 – Toronto, ONT – The Mod Club**
April 6 – Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall**
April 7 – Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall**

Pick up your copy of Sweet Unknown here, and keep up with Erika here.

amy rigby to release the old guys

amy rigby to release the old guys

Amy Rigby is about to drop her brand new album, The Old Guys on February 23rd via Southern Domestic Recordings. Having moved all around throughout her musical journey over the past several decades, Rigby has worked with bands, partners, and alone; her solo debut was Diary Of A Mod Housewife in the nineties. Her first solo album in quite a few years, with writing by Amy and recorded by her husband Wreckless Eric in their current New York base.

An unapologetic album, The Old Guys is composed of twelve tracks that thoroughly display Rigby’s honesty and grasp of her own sound. The Old Guys is a step back into the solo life for Rigby, but as a veteran musician, she knows what works for her at this point. We’re excited to see what Amy Rigby continues to dish out.

Keep an eye out for The Old Guys, out February 23rd.

Keep up with Amy Rigby:
Twitter – Website

honey child, honey child

honey child, honey child

Pop group Honey Child is releasing their self-titled ninth album on, you guessed it, February 9th. Honey Child was created by Claire McKeown and features Claire Boutelle, Aimee Jacobs, Danielle Mandell, Dayna Richards, Jacquelyn Sky, and Cynthia Zitter. Each of the ladies in the all female group was hands-on in the production process, making this an album of strength in its design.

The album consists of nine songs and clocks in at 28 minutes in total. One of the songs from the album is titled “Run With Me”, which is the first single released from their album. “Run With Me” is a fascinating song that will transport you to a different world. It is about people that have had enough of materialistic things in the world. The people that are fed up decide to run away to another part of the earth, such as the river. The beat from “Run With Me” is very captivating, the singers basically “steal away” from the world. 

Another song from the album is “She Calls His Name”. The beat and the melody mesh seamlessly together. The ladies’ voices blend well together, creating a fascinating affect on the listener. The song is like a mix of classical music – meets a little pop – that will leave you wanting more.

Other songs from the album include “Standing in The Shadows”, “Gotta Wait Another Night”, “I See Other Sides”, “Sorrows Arms”, and “Our Last Goodbye”.

Keep up with Honey Child here.

tenderfoot breaks open a new album

tenderfoot breaks open a new album

From their heartbreaks and hard times, Tenderfoot has brought together the best of their sound to produce their newest album BreakApart. This new and upcoming band has brought out the best of the dream folk genre. Their new album, which is going to be released February 2, 2018, features memorizing drum loops and dreamy vocals that makes their music relatable and entertaining.

Tenderfoot’s roots are founded deep in trial, but they have since emerged at the peak of a potentially very successful career in the music community. What started as a solo project on the road has turned into a group of four who are dedicated to creating music that holds a sound unique to the group. After the traveling on the road Adam Kendall Woods (lead singer) recruited Jude Miqueli (drums), Gabriel Molinaro (keys), and Darcey Zoller (strings) and together they have found success in one of the fastest growing genres in the industry.

Not only does their newest album incorporate some of the latest musical techniques, but they also highlight some of the greatest personal triumphs and struggles-rendering their music highly relatable. However, their music is not all doom and gloom. Along with the heartbreak, the lyrics also bring out the beauty of creative progression as well as coming together with loved ones to find joy. Some of these topics include heartbreak, struggling in relationships and health scares. With the addition of three new members, the lush dynamic of a full band enhances their sound and elevates their credibility. After spending two years on this new album, fans are eagerly awaiting the release ofBreak Apart. 

Fans and listeners of the folk genre will fall in love with this band’s appreciation for traditional sound with the incorporation of new and innovative lyric and rhythm. This is a band that came together for one purpose, to turn life’s hardest struggles into music that is highway, head banging worthy.

Keep up with Tenderfoot here.

vanwyck, an average woman

vanwyck, an average woman

Today, Amsterdam-based indie folk singer/songwriter VanWyck released her latest, an eleven track gem of an album titled An Average Woman. But, from the very first notes of the title track, the listener is aware that VanWyck does not fit the “average” mold. In fact, it begs the listener to question what “average” is, and allows us the reminder to be cognizant of calling anyone or anything “normal”. After the beautiful trickle-slow intro that is “An Average Woman”, “Red River Girl” provides a little more mellifluous composition instrumentally, really utilizing the strings to pull at your heartstrings.

By “Listen to You Breathe”, it is quite obvious that this album is going to largely exist in a slow soundspace, which we are completely on board with. We have noticed a lot lately that bands have been bringing more upbeat tempos in to more introspective tracks to give them a dimension of feeling fun. What’s beautiful and alluring about VanWyck is that she sings the songs as she means them. There is depth and immense emotion in her vocals, something you certainly can’t teach.

This entire album is a keeper, moreso for a day when you feel like sipping a hot cup of tea and journaling, or you’re looking for a playlist for your family dinner. It brings up key concepts about confidence, freedom, and being a damn badass as a woman, in a smoky and intense way that only VanWyck could accomplish. With the spotlight on so many issues regarding women recently, it feels nice to cocoon inside art that understands the complex nature of the human female.

“Europa Escapes” might be one of our favorites because it is more theatrical and feels like the Wild Wild West, yet with a woman at the forefront on vocals, which you almost never find. In fact, we would compare this track to one of our favorite male vocalists Radiator King, edgy and drawing a different attitude than its predecessors. We are also completely enamored by last track “Whole Again”, which seems to be more about VanWyck’s personal journey, tying the piece together in only a way that she can. It’s uplifting, conscientiously empowered despite the careful, quiet nature of the instrumentals that lead us out and onto another musical journey in our day.

An Average Woman is available here.

the zephyr bones, secret place {preview}

the zephyr bones, secret place {preview}

While the Barcelona-based psychedelic beach pop quartet The Zephyr Bones – comprised of Brian (guitar, vocals), Jossip (guitar, vocals, synth), Carlitos (bass), and Marc (drums) – was busy releasing singles from their debut album Secret Place, we clearly had our heads up our asses. But thankfully, we got a little taste of what’s to come just days ahead of its November 10th release. Packed to the brim with sparkling, nostalgic charm, we’re sure any number of the ten tracks on Secret Place will be on your permanent “good mood” playlist.

First track “Hurricanes” establishes that lazy, waning guitar sound we’ve come to admire in beach wave music. The vocals are layered, but almost fragile in the way they are delivered. That upbeat momentum continues into “Penny’s Week”, with its mesmerizing guitar riffs and and slightly-punk feel. “Juglar Child on the Carousel” might have one of the most odd titles we have heard in a while, but the track has a not-so-off-the-beaten-path 80’s synth wave aspect to it, which absolutely makes it the best song to premiere as the first single from the collection. It maintains a head-bobbing beat that revels in line with Bleachers and Grimes, almost catapulting you into fourth track “Las Olas”, which takes a contrasting acoustic path.

It’s with “I’ve Lost My Dinosaur” that an almost melancholic feeling overtakes the album. The song has this smooth, almost sensual, feel to the instrumentals, but the vocals are almost sad. That is, until mid-track when the tempo picks up and feels more frantic than anything for a stretch of time before heading back into its regularly maintained tempo-range. The title track begins with quirky, staccato notes that pull you into another sound space completely, as you experience the instruments almost fight for attention atop a bed of soft echoes. “Black Lips” exudes a little more edge in the beginning – Or is that the title talking? – but its overall feel is very “50s sock hop slow song” and we’re totally on board with that.

“September” slows the entire album down exponentially, and is one of those songs that really makes you appreciate the guitar as an instrument. We can imagine almost anyone sitting back in their chair, just reveling in the sounds that come from the speakers. (We suggest vinyl for this track to be totally nestled in the warmth of the moment.) “Telephone” is – without a doubt – a toe-tapper that eventually encapsulates you in fizzy, otherworldly bits of synth. For reasons unbeknownst to us, this is the one we have been playing on repeat. (Try to figure that one out for us, ok?) The Zephyr Bones have chosen to round everything out with tenth track “The Arrow of Our Youth”, which hilariously feels a little less throwback – despite its clear nods to the 80s and 90s – than its predecessors. Once again, the instrumentals take center stage and give you a feeling of being carried away.

Before the album abruptly stops and you cry a bit because you just didn’t want it to end. (Just hit “repeat all.” We get it.)

Secret Place is out November 10th and is available for preorder now. Keep up with the band here.