Budding pop star Syrena has just released her latest song “Diamonds In My Head”.  The 20 year old NYC native is woman of many talents including belly dancing, fire eating, and snake charming.  Her most recent talent includes her cunning knack for music.  Her latest “Diamonds In My Head” is a pop song with a style all its own.  While the beat is what captures you, Syrena’s captivating vocals ranging high and low, are what will keep you listening.  The writing is inspiring as well as Syrena sings on empowerment and ambition.  “I’ve got diamonds in my head, you see- Imma to do what I want….I’ve got diamonds in my voice, in my soul.”  The most powerful lyric for me is “Love is great, love is kind, but it’s just not on my mind.”  Syrena is focused on her goals on “Diamonds In My Head”. “Power and confidence are big themes in my music.  Maybe it comes from being a New Yorker, or maybe it comes from performing live since I was three…if you doubt yourself, this city will eat you alive,” says the pop artist.  Maybe it does come from performance, or maybe Syrena just has “it.”  Either way, after listening to “Diamonds In My Head,” I felt more inspired,and focused.  And to me, that’s music worth listening to.

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Abby Trapp