Stealing the stage with their newest self-titled album, Swoll is enticing the masses with their latest single “Shake”. The single is riddled with killer synth loops and hypnotizing harmonies that are sure to be featured in other tracks on this album as well. Not only will the full album have a universal message, but project star Matt Dowling also hopes that his music will be introspective and personal for all of his listeners.

This album was deeply rooted in Dowling’s need to express let go of what he called, “trauma.” In his own words, “That’s the beautiful thing about music and art: they provide a mechanism to release in a healthy and meaningful way, whether you’re the maker or the viewer/listener.” Stylistically, Dowling has been able to mesh together elements of several different genres in a new and memorable way unlike what we’ve seen from his other projects. Thorough careful songwriting, her is able to unite pop, electro, rock and other major genres with seamless effort.

Although Dowling has been on a roller coaster that has brought him success and hardship, Swoll is set up to succeed in a new and exciting way.

Swoll is available now.

Madison Blom