Los Angeles-based duo Swimsuit Issue – comprised of Miles Garber and David Gagliardi – may have based their name from the fact that Garber’s initial introduction into the entertainment industry was as a relatively prominent model in the fashion world, but that’s not the initial takeaway from their art. In fact, as good looking as both guys are, their career has the ability to stand on its own based purely on their talent. It’s obvious to see why if you just listen to their debut single, a mid-tempo indie pop/rock track whose guitars give it edge while the vocals reside in more of a Kurt Cobain-meets-Sting ethereal sphere, replete with reverb.

The song itself is about addiction, the lyrics melancholic and sensitive, as one would expect. And though the duo has admitted to having a more somber tone to their music, we’re thrilled to hear what’s to come from their upcoming record.

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Meredith Schneider