Brooklyn based Swimming Bell have released a new single that is sure to bring them closer to the dream that they once thought, at one point, unteachable. Their newest release, “Desert Song (a lullaby)” was written in a cool October night while band member Katie Schottland was driving after attending a wedding. Before long, she found herself lost with a phone that had little to no battery. After pulling off the road to stop for the night and after many failed attempts to reach a satisfactory slumber, the words for this new release came to her as she tried to soothe her wild imagination.

Swimming Bell is a solo project that was created by Schottland after participating in several different bands over the past few years. With relatively no musical training, Katie has approached music with pure skill, talent and a highly developed ear for good sound. With the release of this new single, Swimming Bell hopes to also release a full length album by the end of this year. Along with these plans for future releases, it has also been announced that this group will be turning around the United States in order to share their music with anyone who is willing to listen.

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Madison Blom