Toronto born riding R&B artist Sway Clarke has been marked as questionable one of the most unique and diverse up and coming artist in this generation of musicians. With influences coming from pop, hip-hop R&B and many others, Clarke has combined all of these sounds and mixed these styles in a creative and stellar way that has brought him to the forefront of the music scene. Him new release, “Drugs” captures this talent in 3 minutes and 48 seconds that will keep the listeners hanging on every moment. Like music geniuses that came before him, there are movements within the new track that expresses emotion and depth that can’t be portrayed by the monotonous repetition that has plagued much of the new music that has been produced in recent years.

From humble beginnings, this new artist has brought the best of many worlds together since his debut release in 2013. Not only are those who have stumbled upon his music fascinated with this style, but they are eagerly awaiting the release of, “Drugs” which will drop Thursday March 22. As the music community awaits the sweet opportunity to be swept away in the mesmerizing beats and synth loops that are always highlighted in Clarke’s music, the budding artist is working harder than ever to continue to expand his horizons and etch his name in music history.

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Madison Blom