Los Angeles based artist Suzy & the Lifeguard released their newest single “Take it Slow” off upcoming EP ANIMA out May 1. “Take it Slow” is a look at the dichotomy between longing for love and falling to lust. This contrast of love and lust is shown within the vocals and the musical arrangement. The vocals are sultry and flirty teasing at the dark corners of this split. The horns used in the composition bring visions of forbidden romance, something that is both infatuating and dangerous.

“Take it Slow” is composed of lyrics of seduction and regret. With words that emanate a desire for love, our hearts break. “We both we’ll take it slow / As I am taking you back home,” is soon followed by feelings of remorse, “Nobody wins when we play games.” This back and forth creates a look at that rocky line between love and lust, when it turns, and what happens because of it.

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Kendal Chandler