Once again, Superheart has produced a new single that has the fans and the music community in general swooning. “Satellite” is the perfect combination of those chill weekend vibes that we all crave and exciting lyricism that makes our toes tap on the road and in the office. Every note and rhythm adds to his intricate soundscape that is both unique and full of creative flare. With every moment full of free-fall suspense and exhilaration, there is no doubt that this final addition to the ‘flower’ trio will be the final piece to the success that Superheart has been chasing after since his debut. This new release a comfortable mixture of 80’s pop beats and new world synth spin offs. If nothing else, it is clear that Superheart is one of those artists that fans need to keep their eye on as he rises to the challenge of pushing himself to the next level.

This new single is scheduled to be released next week as the concluding component of a bigger picture that has already drawn the attention of fans from around the world. No doubt “Satellite” will continue to bring Superheart closer to where he wants to be as the next big thing in a world of quickly rising stars.

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Madison Blom