American rock band from New York, Sunflower Bean – consisting ofJacob Faber on drums, Julia Cumming on bass and lead vocals, and Nick Kivlen on lead guitar and vocals – is back with the follow up from their last album Human Ceremony titled TwentyTwo in Blue. The new album has eleven songs in total and is arriving March 23rd. The sound has a softer, sweeter, and more rich tone to it, honing in on topics people can relate to.

Singer Julia Cumming lends her vocals to the track “TwentyTwo”, which addresses about society’s expectation of women and what they are supposed to be in the world. Another single from the album is titled “I Was a Fool”. The song is about love that will make you happy, yet sad at the same time. The song is about the dizziness of love and how confused it makes you feel. “I Was a Fool” makes you feel all the emotions of love at once.

“Crisis Fest” humbles us, discussing men in uniform and a feeling of utter hopelessness in tense and uncertain times. Lines about storming the kingdom are highly relatable to modern militant rules, though might be super relatable in the every day, a sad but lesson-inspiring truth.

It is clear that Sunflower Bean has found their voice with their new album. TwentyTwo in Blue will be available March 23rd. Keep up with Sunflower Bean here.

Jai'Tyria Hatton