LA darling Veronica Bianqui is out with a soulful new single titled “Sunday Cups” that brings out the best in her tone and ability to portray relevant relatable topics. “Sunday Cups” addresses the pressure of society to build up impenetrable facades that hide the real personality of the individual. With her bluesy undertones and traditional garage-pop sound, Bianqui is able to share with her listeners what she has observed in those around her all too often. Lyrically, the single relies heavily on well constructed metaphors that highlight the social norms and deconstructs the aforementioned facades of society.

Bianqui also has a deeply rooted history in performance throughout states in the US as well as across Europe. She has had the opportunity to relish in what the music scene has to offer her as she performed along side several different bands. Not only does she have a vocal powerhouse to rely on, but she also has training in musical theatre which adds a unique element to her live performances. However, this artist cannot take all of the credit for herself. In her own words, she attributes most of her success to her mother’s love for blasting The Beatles and Joe Cocker around the house as she grew up. All of this experience has fans on the edge of their seats for what Bianqui has to offer in the near future.

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Madison Blom