Kicking off her career with a hauntingly beautiful single, “Volcano” that has already started to gather a fan following and rack up thousands of streams is Storme. Over the past few years and countless hours of studio work and dedication, this budding artist has finally found her niche is scandi-pop culture. This single features some of the hottest trends in the modern pop scene which has added to her international success rate. Storme’s icy vocals and thrilling synth soundscapes has hooked thousands of fans and allowed her to break through the ordinary and bland with her unique skill and wonderfully refreshing vocal skills. As the track continues, the vocals and instrumental aspects of the track continue to mount until they seem to explode with an exciting, energetic climax. As an added skill that Storme has expressed in much of her other music, is the ability to fill every beautiful moment with lush beats that encourage dancing and movement–from the slightest head bob to full on dancing.

With so much energy behind this new release, fans are already looking forward to hearing more from this talented artist in the near future. For the time being, Storme will continue to develop her sound and put in the necessary hours in the studio to magnify her talent and truly hone in on her one of a kind sound.


Madison Blom