Now that she has dropped out of Berklee College and left Boston behind to pursue her career in music as an artist, STEEGS has burned a path of success in front of her that is sure to lead her where she want to go. Not only is this passion and enthusiasm for music shown in her actions, but also in the songs that he has produced. Looking forward, there is a lot of hype that surrounds her upcoming release of, “Come Through” which was released on February 8, 2018. What has been marked as a “tenacious,” this single packs a punch at every turn and ends with an explosive last chorus. The art behind this song, however, is deeply rooted in her raw-guitar work and honesty driven lyrics. Like she has shown in the past, holding back is not an option which is clearly expressed in her music and choice of words.

Although “Come Through” is one of the first singles that STEEGS has released to the public, it is not her first experience with performing and brining music to her fans. While participating in a dark pop-rock band with two of her three sisters, she was able to win over the hearts of those on the Santa Monica Pier as a street performer. Since then, this artist has evolved and grown into herself and is ready to take the music industry by storm, with nothing standing in her way.

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Madison Blom