Pierre Marie-Maulini is a man for all seasons. His previous musical experience includes post-rock project A Red Season Change and touring with M83, but he formed STAL in 2011. STAL has put out We Are Two EP and Young Hearts LP. Their upcoming new EP, Fresh Blood, will be released this summer, and follows Maulini’s 2017 decision to move to Los Angeles from his native France. Maulini is not always a one man show; Renaud Rodier has been playing drums for STAL since its formation and Jeff Di Rienzo brings his guitar skills to form the trio. While previous records were full of spontaneity, Fresh Blood is the result of meticulous production (thanks to producer Eric Palmquist) and is Maulini’s creativity at its finest.

Today, STAL has just come off of an exciting time at SXSW, and are thrilled for their forthcoming EP. Their brand new single, “Magic”, is just a taste of what is to come. Lucky for us, STAL was able to answer a few of our questions about music, must-haves, and their upcoming EP.

Sum up your new single, “Magic ”?
Magic is about what we can do for each other as human beings. You can count on me, I can count on you. Be yourself, there’s no judge here.

What’s the best part of being a musical artist today?

Thanks to the internet, you can easily share your music with millions of people. The other great part is touring. Touring has become more and more important. STAL is definitely a “stage” band, so I love that!

Biggest influence for your upcoming EP?
My life these past 3 years.

What is a must-have when recording?
An amazing producer, some great guitars and a brain that works.

Dream collaboration?
The National

What do you want new listeners to know about your music?
I want them to feel that STAL is true and sincere and hopefully this EP makes htem wanna come to our shows.

Biggest takeaway from your time at SXSW?
The Paradigm showcase with Pale Waves was great. Otherwise, we totally fell in love with Austin and this Salt Lick BBQ!


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