Back from her long and exhausting battle with Lyme’s Disease, rising pop artist, Sonali has plans on moving forward with her promising career in the music industry. With this recent success in her personal life, there is a clear sense of confidence in her voice that comes through in every note that she sings. In order to reestablish her presence in the music community, Sonali has worked to release her latest single, “Close Enough” which is a vibrant single full of hard hitting pop beats and rhythms that echo the strength in her voice. Throughout this track, listeners will be please to heat that Sonali breaks out of the raspy timbre vocal style that has taken over the female voice industry. Instead, fans will have they chance to experience vocal superiority at its finest as Sonali performs and relies on vocal skill alone. As this young, powerful artists continues to take a stand and return to the stage, Sonali is sure to find success and she exercises her unique talent as a vocalist.

In order to celebrate her return to the music world, Sonali will be performing, “Close Enough” in front of thousands of during Florida’s SunFest on Sunday May 6th at 5pm. Not only will she be premiering her newest track, but she will also be opening for internationally acclaimed artist, Pitbull–an accomplishment this is not to be overlooked considering the highly dangerous health issues that she has faced in previous years.  With so much skill and will to overcome the various trials in her life, it is clear that nothing, not even a life altering disease, will stop Sonali from achieving her goals.

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Madison Blom