Moving into the limelight after releasing her debut album is 90’s inspired band Soccer Mommy with the newest music video for one of her most popular tracks, “Cool”. Opening with a scene set in the middle of what appears to be a high school soccer field, the music video immediately envelops and intrigues the watcher to continue watching. From the beginning, the bright, crisp colors juxtapose the relaxed vibe of the track. Not only does this highlight the song’s unique sound, but also creates a clever visual spectacle that definitely shows signs of 90’s influences. Not only do the colors enhance the viewing experience, but the animations, created by Art Baby Girl, are clever and perfectly match the atmosphere of the music.

Soccer Mommy definitely has a bright future within her own sphere of cool, collected artistry that she have built for herself. Although she has hit a home run since the release of the full-length album, she has continued to chase after what seemed like such an elusive dream. This same principle is manifest in the quality of her music video, which is absolutely stunning. With the fire burning bright, there is no question that there is solid potential moving forward for Soccer Mommy.

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Madison Blom