Goth pop musician So Below has been fascinating us for over a year now, with the way her audio art and subsequent visual art never fail to impress. Directed by Sam Kristofski, her new music video for dance track “Ruin” is an absolute stunner. Focusing on minimal jewel tones in each frame, there’s a sullen feel to the buildup of the track. As it picks up, frames layer over each other quickly, swapping between three major shots to piece the story together. But, to be fair, there was a necessity to present the video in pieces, as there is a broken feeling to the song that is now echoed in its visual presence. After all, the title is “Ruin”, so you start to feel it before you even press “play”.

We must admit, Maddie (So Below) is capable of one of the most simultaneously threatening and alluring facial expressions we have seen thus far. (See: Staring at the camera in the pool.)

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Meredith Schneider