NY-based alternative rock project Snow Villain has just released the new single ”Torches”, ahead of the upcoming EP 1 which is scheduled to be released April 27, 2018. All of the music that has been released by this group has featured raw, real sounds that highlights an honest view of central figure Grant Goldsworthy’s life while writing all of the music. Not only are the vocals perfectly adapted to match the rawness of the instrumental artistry, but the guitar riffs radically enhance the listening experience and bring exhilarating energy into the room. Unlike their other releases in the past, “Torches” has made the group dig deep inside themselves in order to portray the emotion behind the lyrics of this track.

Not only is their music lyrical genius, but is also highlights personal struggles that are faced by the general -public. Namely, self discovery and redefinition of the self. Although this band prides themselves on being, “often misunderstood, but appreciated,” there is something is this song for everyone and has the potential to reach a very general and wide audience. Currently, the band is looking forward to the EP release in April, but fans are hoping to hear more from them as soon as possible.

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Madison Blom