Straight out of Harlem with a new single that puts an all new twist on classic sounds of the past, is S’natra and “Paper Straight” which was released at the end last month. Coming off of several high priority performances, including is 18 location tour Subject to Change Tour and his debut at Coachella, S’natra is back with more music to share and an all new sound to produce. Unlike some of his past releases, “Paper Straight” is a multi-faceted composition which marries the smooth yet exciting sounds of the 50’s with the latest in hip-hop rap culture. At the beginning of this single, trumpets and other brass instruments immediately capture the attention of the listener which then leads into lyrical, poetic lines that are both articulate and clear.

Throughout the song, listeners have the opportunity to experience the process that led S’natra to where he is today. Regarding this release he stated:

The nature of the record is pretty much me talkin’ bout what they tell us is important where I come from- gettin money, gettin fly, gettin respect. I always thought there was another side to that story and this song is me really tryna figure all of it out – who i am vs who the world sees me as. The musicality of the beat in “Paper Straight” definitely challenged me to step my writing up to the next level and try out new flows and concepts. The more you step out of your comfort zone the more you learn about yourself and the things going on around you.

With a fantastic message and a powerful musical base, this single has everything that the rising generation has come to expect from the current music culture and more. Although this single only lasts mere minutes, S’natra is able to convey a message about breaking down boundaries and exploring options that might have at one point seemed unrealistic. In the future, fans can expect more music, more performances and an even more developed sound from this young, budding artist.

Madison Blom