Hailing from Dublin, electro indie/pop trio Sleep Thieves is coming at ya – hard – with their single “Is This Ready?” Hard bass hits as the intro to the track, getting us into the dark, brooding soundscape they’ve become known for on their international travels. Haunting, deep vocals join in, almost chanting “Is this ready?/It already is” repeatedly. Ethereal vocals enter in direct and stark contrast to the others, bringing the song into the “floating” realm they speak of. It will chill you to the bones, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

Lyrics: Is This Ready?
Is this ready?
It already is.
I’ve a fever, burning, tearing me apart
I can feel the beating of my external heart
I am floating, floating overhead
I am fever burning, burning up.
Is this ready?
It already is.
I am creeping, seething, flowing from the walls
I am angel, demon, owner of it all
I am darkness, lightness and in between
I am fever burning between the sheets.
Is this ready?
It already is.

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**Originally published to Impose.

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