“Mirror Mirror” is the latest single by German based band, Sky Blue Skin.  “Mirror Mirror” is creepily powerful and has a femme fatale power vibe to it with sultry vocals.  “Love is mean and cruel, plays it for a fool,” purrs the vocals.  Sky Blue Skin shows no mercy on “Mirror Mirror.”  It is no “falling in love” track.  In fact, the band is just here to remind you that your heart  will be broken.  “And once again you end up all alone,” and “I never want to see your joy,” are lyrics without a happy ending.  I loved the western rock feel that Sky Blue Skin brings to “Mirror Mirror.”  Even more, I love how the band makes love seem dangerous, unattainable, and in the end downright foolish and stupid.  This is definitely a power song, and listening to it made me feel like a heart breaker myself.  Check out Sky Blue Skin’s latest “Mirror Mirror” below.

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Abby Trapp