Brooding, cinematic and filled with movement, “VHS #2: Masks” is here. Philadelphia based four-piece Sixteen Jackies have just dropped this brand new track, a song that heralds the coming of their Movie Was Bad & Mascula double EP being released on a 12” record in May. The track will appear on the Mascula side and references the classic horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Nodding to the dimensions of personality in the movie, “VHS #2: Masks” takes on many angles and forms as well. Sixteen Jackies is delightfully different, and anyone looking for a slightly off-kilter track will not be disappointed.

Sixteen Jackies is comprised of vocals and guitar by Joey DeMarco, guitarist/keyboardist Jeremiah Bull, Ian Staley on drums and keys, and bassist Tim Davis. Where some bands try to be different in all the wrong ways, Sixteen Jackies nails it, owns it, and maintains authenticity. “VHS #2: Masks” is the result of a band knowing their sound and vision, as well as being able to clearly communicate it. This track is not one to miss.

Keep an eye out for Movie Was Bad & Mascula double EP out on May 4.
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