Upbeat and fresh is Simon D James’ newest and debut single release, “Dearest Lovely World.” Not only is he out to stun and amaze fa ns and critics, but he also is out to prove that there is a place for him in the music world. As he seeks to gain this title, he has worked hard to perform and produce at the level that not only matches, but exceeds that of his fellow artists around him.   The new release is safely in the realm that he wanted to fall in and there is no telling what he has in store for his fans.

However, this new release is not just words strung together held by misplaced beats and rhythm. No, this song is the product of soul searching journeys that stretch far beyond the expanse of the United States. While volunteering in the refugee campus of the Calais Jungle, James realized that, “regardless of color or creed we are all bound together by the common threads of love, loss and the need to find community in an ever more fractured world.” Streaming from this truth comes his debut song, “Dearest Lovely World,” an honest and emotion packed experience that has been paired with unmatched vocal skill.

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