Since their debut Shifty in 2015, shy kids have truly found their niche in creating music that is a mash up of old and new. Recently, they have released their second full length album, in a state which is sure to catch the attention of fans and critics alike. This success, however, was preceded by another path that eventually led them to where they are now. Originally, this wily quartet found their start in the animation and filmmaking industry. Things took a sharp turn when they realized that their boyhood dreams were turning into more of a nightmare. From pain and heartache grew the desire to write songs that addressed the current mental and physical states of each of the band members.

Coming from a visual background has aided this group and the transition of switching from a visual to vocal spectacle did not phase them whatsoever. In fact, these skills magnified their ability to make music and produce sonic sounds that have since become their signature. This new album has been a solidified their sound in the minds of their fans around the country. Now that they have all this experience under their belts, there is no telling what they have in store for us in the near future.

in a state is out on February 23rd. Keep up with shy kids here.

Madison Blom