New Orleans-based Sexy Dex and The Fresh – comprised of Dexter Gilmore (Guitar, Vocals), Gabrielle Washington (Vocals), Andrew Landry (Bass), Evan Cvitanovic (Drums), and Ben Buchbinder (Keys) – has been winning awards left and right in the south, and we can see why. As a young band, their technique – and, truly, pure chemistry – is undeniable. Not to mention the alluring genre they’ve almost created unto themselves. You can witness this in their new EP Don’t Play My B-Sides.

Though you’ll hear some psychedelic influence amidst the funk in “SDTF”, hip hop makes its way in there, as well as some interesting pop-infused dance breakdowns. We could see ourselves dancing to “Play Me Birdie” at a sock hop, but there’s an 80’s flare to it as well as a quirky, fast tempo that is a total earworm. “These Young Charms” exists in a more quintessentially 80s soundscape, while “!Wait!” presents a cacophony of sound that is otherworldly in its disposition. Last track “Fotographs” begins with a speaking part that truly captures the otherworldly, as the song blossoms into another 80s-inspired dance track.

Check it out below!

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Meredith Schneider

Meredith Schneider

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