We just wanted to come up with a witty line for the title, this might not be the best September to remember. BUT it has been a brilliant month for music – and a brilliant summer, really, for our eager ears.

We launched this site this month. Last week. Big things are happening. So we’ve decided to do a monthly roundup of music we’re listening to, and post it close to the end of the month, but keep adding as we go. So this playlist isn’t set. It isn’t done. We don’t have any explanations for the tracks, nothing important to say. The songs don’t fit into specific genres, and we’ve included everything we’ve written about this month, no matter its release date. Just wanted to keep it in one, compact, fun place for you to enjoy!

Be a part of our music community! #imperfectfifth with your song suggestion for our September playlist on social media, and it will probably (more than likely) be added to the lineup!

Meredith Schneider