With their truly modern and personal sound, Manchester duo SEAWAVES has dropped their new single, “Her”.
Comprised of vocals from Si Van Brussel and co-writer Daniel Benjamin, SEAWAVES has been truly been making moves in the music world, even having their music used in films and commercials by Disney, Sony, The Olympics, and many other big name companies/brands. It’s no wonder; SEAWAVES is something special and very of-the-moment. Benjamin says, “Our music is very personal to us, which is why it’s only us two creating it. Our songs are pretty much us in a form people can connect to.” Following the release of their debut LP, The Motion Picture, SEAWAVES’ second record, The Soundtrack, is due for release this spring. It is the first record in a three-part series, and if “Her” is indication, The Soundtrack will be phenomenal.

New single “Her” is a great example of the energy and authenticity that Brussel and Benjamin put into their music. With an exhilarating beat and uplifting lyrics, “Her” captures the moving, living soundscape that SEAWAVES creates. We can’t wait for The Soundtrack, but until then, “Her” will be on repeat.

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Veronica DeFeo