Scarlet Sails just released a new video for their latest single “Hideaway”. The rock band is made up of Russian born Olya Viglione, former The Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Scarlet, guitarist Mark Kohut, and bassist Kevin Jones. “Hideaway” follows up on the band’s 2017 debut album Future From The Past. Now, “Hideaway” is just the first of many 2018 projects for the rock band. Inspired by retro rock, Scarlet Sails brings a fresh twist on a classic sound on “Hideaway.”

The video is visually aesthetic in turn. Set in a Victorian-era setting, we see Olya playing ukulele from her vanity, and searching up and down the halls for her ‘hideaway.’ “Every thing I do, every thing I say…you’re my hideaway,” sings Olya with airy vocals. The song comes together with guitar solos and very present drums. Combined with Olya’s distinctive voice, Scarlet Sails really breaks through on “Hideaway.”

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Abby Trapp