Inspired by the sexy, flirty scene that prevails in the night clubs that dot the globe, Sazzie‘s newest single, “Do You Work Out?” is about getting out there and just having a good time. The lyrics to this single were written in Stockholm, Sweden with Kristofer Ostergren from Melody Club. Mocking the overused one liners that so many of us have heard or used, this song came into existence with the intent to get people moving out on the dance floor. This feat is accomplished through not only clever lyricism, but also through intricately laid synth loops that drive the song forward and inspire everyone listening to dance.

“Do You Work Out?” is a very modern single with components that mimic and echo the sound and style of vintage electronic dance music. While the intense beat gets people moving the straight forward vocals are simple to catch on to and has people throughout the world chanting over and over again the key question, “do you work out?” With the addition of the vintage hip-hop spin offs that were added by none other than Mix Master Mike, this new single has the potential to rapidly rise to the top of the billboards. It is as new and innovative as it is vintage and classic, a perfect blend of old and new.

Madison Blom