Following the success of his first EP, Songs in D, Sam Himself has dropped his new single, “Nobody”, which will appear on his forthcoming sophomore EP. Though born in Switzerland, Sam Himself is now based in New York City, and wrote “Nobody” about his experiences in a big city that can easily swallow you up. Utilizing the very on-trend tactic of genre-mixing, Sam scores a great track with “Nobody” on many levels. While on the surface level it’s a bluesy rock song, “Nobody” also contains nods to modern synth use and nostalgic crooning vocals.

Sam says of the single: “The best and worst part about moving to New York City is realizing that nobody has been waiting for you here. The apple is plenty big without you, and unless you come up with a pretty good reason, New York doesn’t care. ‘Nobody’ is about that crushing, eye-opening and ultimately liberating experience.”

If you’re as much in love with “Nobody” as we are, make sure to check out more by Sam Himself and keep an eye out for his upcoming EP!

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Veronica DeFeo