UK-based band Saltwater Sun’s newly released EP may only have three songs, but each one is unique and provides a truly electric listening experience. “Trying” is the funky opening track with some really great guitar riffs paired with a showcase of lead singer Jen Stearnes’ strong vocals – especially towards the end of the song as she belts out a disclaimer about somebody she can’t seem to forget about:

“It goes to show that’s the way I go on, still thinking about you.”

“The Great Deceiver” serves as the title track and has a more subdued vibe compared to the rest of the EP, but that doesn’t mean the lyrics are any less biting. As the title suggests, the song is all about how we are our own great deceiver. And amidst the indie pop sound, the lyrics explore the ideas of self-worth and confidence.

The final song, “Blood,” was my favorite of the three tracks. It opens up with an atmospheric ten seconds before bursting through with an alternative rock song that fills you up with a catchy guitar jam and deeply existential lyrics. It’s energetic in the way an uplifting pop song is, but deals with the angst of personal loss. Stearnes’ voice sings out for those we’ve lost, but her lyrics also bring about an important message – that those who die never really leave us:

“Every thought, every time, this is how you never die.”

The Great Deceiver is a truly beautiful collection of songs with an undeniable vigor, approaching things like self-worth, love, and grief in an unconventionally upbeat way that allows their listeners to feel a sense of hope by the end of it.Be sure to check out their music, and keep up with Saltwater Sun here.

Karina Marquez

Karina Marquez

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