“Neither” is an inspiring song from soulful singer-songwriter SAÍGO.  “Neither” is a song about our unrealistic expectations that we get from the people that we admire.  These unrealistic expectations can come from our heroes and even our idols. The disappointment from our idols comes from when we have realized that our heroes are not who they make themselves out to be.

SAÍGO’s voice lingers with soul and gives the song some sort of peace or serenity.  The song is not only captivating, but is a great intro to his new music this year. “Neither” has a powerful message behind it that encourages the listener to focus on yourself and not the people that you look up to because they may not be who you think they really are.

With a song like “Neither”, SAÍGO makes it hard to patiently wait for his upcoming EP this year. 

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Jai'Tyria Hatton