Today, New York-based musician Ryan Egan unleashes his latest single – a slow burner titled “Swarm” – unto the world. Compelling in its simplicity, the track is driven into existence by simplistic instrumentals and soft, persistent percussion. As the instrumentals layer in and blossom, Egan asks the existential questions like “Am I close to the edge, or am I stepping out?” and “How does it feel to be free when I let it go?” He recognizes the “dangerous ground” that he’s walking, utilizing lines in his lyrics that add a dimension of mystery and flare to the easy-listening, fun pace of “Swarm”.

Admits Egan of the track:

In many ways, this song is a perfect representation of the sound I’ve been digging for over the years as a composer.  At a certain point, I knew there was a very organic, common ground between my biggest influences from Bjork to Radiohead to D’Angelo.  Of course I don’t think that any one song can capture this sentiment entirely, but hopefully when listening to the various things I write and release, people can start to connect these dots and will find something unique that resonates with them.

“Swarm” is out now. Keep up with Ryan Egan here.

Meredith Schneider