Rooney has released a new single “Time and Time Again”, and it is part of the soundtrack to Robert Schwartzman’s new film THE UNICORN. This soothing track has an almost alt-western feel to it. Though it was exclusively written for the film, it is easily enjoyed by anyone who has an ear for melodic music.  As stated previously, the song has a western vibe, but is ultimately an alternative song containing smooth vocals and a tapping snare.

Schwartzman had this to say about the record:

I wrote “Time And Time Again” for THE UNICORN, a feature film I had the pleasure directing and working alongside a talented cast and crew. When you write a song for a film, it changes the context, the foundation, and frames the writing process in a certain way that supports the film’s story. I like to write songs with a specific focus, purpose, and intention, otherwise it all feels a bit disjointed. I’m happy I got to contribute “Time And Time Again” to the film and it’s exciting to release a new Rooney single on the project’s 20 year anniversary.

You can check out “Time and Time Again” on streaming services and the feature film soundtrack for THE UNICORN. Keep up with Rooney here.

Ian Schneider