Roaming Herds Of Buffalo consists of William Cremin, Jared Fiechtner, Neal Flaherty, Scott Roots and Joe Shultz. Together the band makes dark music that makes you feel something, intensely. The band released a new album titled The Bugbears, an work that is thoughtful but takes you on a dark journey at the same time.

The album consists of 7 songs that can be classified as indie pop with a bit of rock. One of the songs from the album is called “Night Owl”, and it is a song that you can get up and dance to. The song takes a different tone from the rest of the album which is dark. “Winter Sun” sets the tone with its beat. The song has a rock vibe to it with a bit of a surf sound.

We’re floored by the album in its entirety, and know you will be too!

The Bugbears is available now.

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